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High-speed Internet Win for Danielle M. Vranian

Now more than ever, access to high-speed internet is a necessity. After learning a Northern Baltimore County community did not have access to high-speed internet experienced Baxter Baker civil litigator, Danielle M. Vranian, successfully advocated for and obtained the critical service for the community, saving homeowners over $225,000.

Danielle M. Vranian

Per the Baltimore County Zoning Code, internet service providers who have contracts with the Baltimore County government are required to provide service if there are 30 homes within a mile of a connection point that already exists. Communities that don’t meet this requirement have two other ways to get service. Firstly, they can pay for the construction of the necessary infrastructure, which costs upwards of $225,000 – working out to over $5,000 per home, excluding the cost of private driveways. Alternatively, the internet franchisee must provide service if there are at least 15 homes per cable mile and these homes agree to a one-year contract with the provider.

A national telecommunications company, which was the only available internet franchisee for the area, told Danielle that the community did not meet the 15-homes-per-mile requirement. Through petitioning the County to conduct a density survey of the community, she learned that the area actually met the requirement despite company’s claims. The telecommunication giant misinterpreted its agreement with Baltimore County to its benefit, incorrectly contending that that the 15-homes-per-cable-mile requirement means within a mile of the nearest connection point. 

After three years of Danielle’s tireless negotiation and potential litigation, the national telecommunications company agreed to install the high-speed internet cables, costing each home only $540 for the cost of their private driveways instead of the more than $5,000 the franchisee and Baltimore County initially told them they’d have to pay.

Danielle has a broad range of experience in complex civil litigation, focusing primarily on the areas of legislative, regulatory, administrative and commercial law. Danielle successfully represents clients in both Federal and State courts of Maryland and Virginia, as well as before regulatory bodies including administrative hearings at both the local and state levels on matters before administrative boards of appeal and the Maryland General Assembly.  As always, Baxter Baker is here to help with a fresh and personal look at your legal needs. If you have any questions about your service providers, or any other concerns, do not hesitate to contact Danielle M. Vranian at 410-230-3812.