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Maryland Health Care Providers and COVID-19

At Baxter Baker, one of our primary areas of concentration involves the representation of health care providers in a variety of different matters and venues.  Our work with our clients has provided us with a special appreciation for many of the issues now facing healthcare providers in today’s COVID-19 reality.  These include practice and patient care concerns, business matters and individual economic issues including the CARES Act Payroll Protection Plan.  Baxter Baker has an Information Blog Series to address some of these new COVID-19 related questions, but we recognize that no one source can contain the full library of information a health care professional may need.      

            We have identified multiple resources specifically created to provide healthcare providers with a plethora of information and answers, such as:

            1. The Medical Mutual Liability Insurance Society of Maryland (Medical Mutual) –;

            2.  The Maryland State Medical Society (MedChi) –;

            3.  The Maryland Board of Physicians –

These resources cover a wide range of topics that include timely updates and specific information.   

            Our multidisciplinary team at Baxter Baker is here to help, so please feel free to call with any questions impacting your care of patients, business issues or individual economic concerns.  We are uniquely qualified to address many of the issues health care providers are now encountering, because our attorneys focus on a wide range of practice areas, including medical malpractice defense, business planning, tax matters, real estate, regulatory matters and other complex civil litigation.  If we cannot help, we will do our best to find someone you can.