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Defense Verdict Obtained in Dental Malpractice Case

Edwin Keating obtained a defense verdict on behalf of a dentist after a one-week jury trial in the Circuit Court for Calvert County, Maryland.  At trial, the Plaintiff alleged that the defendant-dentist negligently performed a root canal procedure by perforating the tooth he was working on and injecting sodium hypochlorite beyond its apex.  As a consequence of that alleged negligence, the Plaintiff claimed that the sodium hypochlorite injured his mandibular nerve and caused him to have permanent paresthesia in  his lower jaw and the loss of taste and sensation in his tongue.

At trial, the defense proved that not only had the defendant-dentist had complied with the standards of care but that the Plaintiff’s injuries were unrelated to the dentist’s treatment and instead caused by chronic osteomyelitis in the Plaintiff’s lower jaw.