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Baxter Baker Dental Consensus Bill passes in the Maryland Senate

S.B. 0174, a dental consensus bill successfully negotiated by attorneys Gary R. Jones and Danielle M. Vranian, has passed unanimously out of committee and passed in the Maryland Senate. The bill modernizes the definition of the “practice of dentistry” while ensuring that patient health is protected. The bill, which had previously faced six years of significant opposition, was the result of collaborative efforts among several key stakeholders.

Among its multiple facets, the bill alters the definition of the “practice of dentistry” so that “a manager, a proprietor, or a conductor or an operator in any place in which dental service or dental operation is performed intraorally” will no longer automatically be deemed to be practicing dentistry. The bill simultaneously expands the definition of “practice” dentistry to include (1) patient evaluation, diagnosis, and determination of treatment plans; (2) determination of treatment options, including the choice of restorative and treatment materials and diagnostic equipment; and (3) determination and establishment of patient protocols, standards of care, and practice guidelines.

The bill is sponsored by Senator Chris West (District 42). A hearing was held before the Education, Health and Environmental Affairs Committee on January 30, 2020. Following the hearing all former adversaries in the Bill came together to be photographed as an example of working together to pass legislation and Senator West thanked Mr. Jones for spearheading this model legislation that will likely be used as a template for similar legislation in other states.

Gary, the managing partner in the firm’s Annapolis office has over thirty years of experience in handling jury trials, administrative hearings and legislative matters before the Maryland General Assembly.  He routinely handles administrative hearings at both the local, state and federal levels in a broad range of regulatory and licensing matters. Gary is a leader in the profession and acts as lead counsel to national, state and local trade associations, hospitals, large physician groups and developers.

Danielle, a partner attorney, has a broad range of experience in complex civil litigation, focusing primarily on the areas of legislative, regulatory, administrative and commercial law. Danielle successfully represents clients in both Federal and State courts of Maryland and Virginia, as well as before regulatory bodies including administrative hearings at both the local and state levels on matters before administrative boards of appeal and the Maryland General Assembly.